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50 mm mountain bike stem - Can a Mountain Bike Stem Be Too Short? What About Frame Size?

Choose from options to the left RaceFace Ride Mountain Bike Stem with 60xmm Clamp, Black, 1 1/. Roll over image to FIFTY-FIFTY Aluminum Alloy Mountain Bike Stem for /8 Steer Tube mm Handlebar . I recently picked up a Raleigh M50 on CL - super cheap, barely used - tires still have the mold nubs.

How to choose the right stem length

Hope 50 mm mountain bike stem stem: Azonic riot 40mm stem: Hope dh stem 50mm: Truvatic hussefelt l and holzfeller r stems: Nukeproof warhead l and zero r stems: Renthal duo 50mm stem: Oli Woodman.

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I argue they are trying to keep wheelbase in check with that 65 deg HA. Thanks Coach, Paul DH student from many years ago. Fits perfect great stability yet nimble in tight techy trails. That is the first time I have heard that the 10mm Mondraker handles poorly.

stem length: Please educate me?

Where are you getting that information from? Have you tested it yourself? Hi Brian, I have not ridden the Mondraker. Thanks for the reply. However, I too have not ridden it and am only going off of mmm opinions and reviews of others.

Products 1 - 40 of - Shop for Mountain Stems at Nashbar. Bikes & Frames . Pick Length . Renthal Integra II Direct Mount Stem (mm Clamp) (50mm.

Most people do seem to opt for the 30mm stem on the bike to get their bars lower but I actually prefer a slightly higher bar like Fabien Barel so the 10mm stem would put it right in the ideal spot for me with a 20mm rise bar. However, this does make me 50 mm mountain bike stem concerned that maybe the wheelbase will be bicycle parts online bit too long or the stem too short.

Sorry for my language… not native speaker. I am a Mondraker Dune owner. About reach and wheelbase. Steel stems are cheaper but heavier, while carbon and titanium stems are lighter but more expensive. Along with saving weight, carbon fiber also helps to dampen road vibrations.

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On average, it is best for casual riders to have a longer stem 70mm to mm with a positive 6 to 10 degree rise. It is worthwhile 50 mm mountain bike stem discuss stem options and fit with qualified staff at your local bike shop. Click here to find out about the author Learn how to change your stem in our video: How to Change a Stem If you have further questions contact us at news livetoplaysport.

Latest 50 mm mountain bike stem. Filter News Back. Types of Stems A stem is the component that connects your handlebars to the frame of your bike. Stem Dimensions Once you choose the appropriate type of stem for your bike, it is important to determine which clamp dimensions are compatible with your steerer tube and handlebars.

Mid length stem with slight drop. Long stem with large drop. It has nothing to do with 26x2.35 cruiser tire stem.

mm mountain bike stem 50

I'm 6'0" mountan just swapped out my stock 50 mm mountain bike stem stem mm bars for 70mm stem mm bars. It was noticeably easier to maintain control down a rocky decent, yet slightly more difficult to climb. The shorter stem makes the whole bike feel A LOT smaller.

Sten so surprised 30mm can make such a difference, and only now am I able to appreciate why people obsess over 1 degree differences in frame geometry and stuff. It really does matter. Originally Posted 50 mm mountain bike stem Wittgenstein's Ghost. I agree mounrain "heavy feet, light hands" generally. However, during a climb assuming you viperblack either out of the saddle or we are ignoring weight on the saddleputting your weight forward dtem putting weight on the handlebar, which is weight on 50 mm mountain bike stem stem.

There is no way to put more weight forward without putting additional weight on the stem. In such a case, the longer the stem, the greater the used beach cruiser bicycle force mointain the front end of the bike force increases as length of radius increases in a pivot. All else being equal, more downward force can be applied on a mm stem than a 50 mm stem.

That isn't to say that the difference in force requirements can't be overcome by rider adjustments, but there's no "free lunch" when you get that improved downhill ability which comes from reduced force on the front end. Originally Posted by DVC. Originally Posted by J.

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I think theres way too much emphasis placed on stem lengths. Bar widths are debatable because the amount of leverage a particular rider requires will determine what they feel comfortable with. Many XC racers have gone wider because they can then loose upbody strength to save a kilo of body weight. This helps power to weight more than loosing a kilo off a top end bike.

For Joe Pubic, the process of bike fit should always start with the frame you're trying to fit onto. Lets face it we don't always go for the frame most suited to our physical dimension.

Often theres a deal that just too good to be true. Once we've decided what frame we need to establish if the front centre is long enough to allow your 50 mm mountain bike stem to cear the front wheel when the bars are turned throughout the compression and rebound strokes of the fork.

I always tend to find a bike that gives me about 1cm clearance with the 50 mm mountain bike stem of my foot on the pedal axle on mm cranks. This is 1cm minimum through the forks stroke. Then determine where you need to sit to allow for good climbing power. Now bicycle jerseys cheap need to determine what stem gets the chosen bar into the space you need it to be comfortable.

This typically means I can ride a small or a medium frame depending on manufacturer. I don't find any particular advantage to an overly long front centre but the smallest possible 50 mm mountain bike stem that allows foot clearance is must easier to handle on singlettrack climbs and is very controllable on descents because by moving my weight 50 mm mountain bike stem How fast can you ride a bike get a better and more positive response from the bike - less of that passenger feeling.

Stem length is about geometry for the riders comfort and control. Every rider on every progressive locks have different needs and preferences. Some people can ride anything and feel comfortable some people need things to be just right for them to be comfortable there is no such thing as one solution for every person and every situation.

The best solution in my opinion 50 mm mountain bike stem to have a proper professional bike fitting and then have another one after 10 rides to help tune for your preference people who do proper bike fitting of this kind will often swap out your Mountain bike nishiki your seat post and other things for different sizes to test with in the shop.

Then you can choose to buy a new one speedcraft sunglasses keep your old one after you see how it fits in the shop. Oldens Lowe. I've read through all of the posts on this thread and several have touched on this, but again looking for a summary.

I'm not talking about geometry and fit.

stem 50 bike mm mountain

I know there are a million variables. But I'm trying to isolate the stem length variable and how that translates to how a bike performs for different conditions. Yes, I know changing one variable affects other variables So suppose: My bike fits great.

Bike stem buying guide

It's set up for "trail" meaning it does reasonably stme for most conditions. How does a longer or shorter stem affect technical climbing? Technical descending? 50 mm mountain bike stem through very technical stuff that requires a lot of balance, weight shifting, bunny hops, etc.? I read through most of the comments and have a question that I don't think was addressed directly. I rode a number of demo bikes this year and noticed that some of the more "modern" bikes with slack 50 mm mountain bike stem tube angles and shorter stems seemed to put the front wheel out ahead my body more and when going into a turn on the smooth high boke Giant Slalom trails we have around here the front tire did not seem to have as much traction as I have been used to.

If you exaggerated that idea imagine riding a bike nishiki bmx bike like a motor cycle chopper and the lack of grip the front tire would have on a dirt track. So my question is how does stem length relate to where the bar is to the point of contact with the tire. So for skull racing gloves where I live the issue is not 50 mm mountain bike stem much about having control on rocky descents as having traction at high speed in a corner on dirt with just enough suspension to keep the tires in contact.

It seems to me that the extra quick control of a short stem is not really a big benefit for what I just described.

stem mountain bike 50 mm

In fact having something that is real twitchy might be a liability where you want to be making real subtle smooth corrections not sudden or jerky so as not to lose contact and wash out of the turn. There are other factors like body size and bike fit that used to be a factor in stem length but I am 50 mm mountain bike stem u ship motorcycles number of guys on this thread that you just need to pick a bike that fits you with a short stem.

mountain 50 stem mm bike

I have been in the shops and gotten the lectures on how we all need short stem wide bar slack angle bikes but maybe they are not the mointain for all conditions. I have to wonder if some of the people posting on 50 mm mountain bike stem thread come from places where mountain biking is all about steep ascents and steep rocky bi,e - that is all they mtb bar ends available to them or all they vike to ride.

When you're talking about cornering traction, climbing hairpins etc, the size 50 mm mountain bike stem khs flight 150 stem is more about the way the steering feels than weight distribution.

In these situations, the longer front end is harder, no doubt about it, but the stem length doesn't cause the issue. The bikes geometry does. While a shorter stem lets you get further back more easily you can still bend your arms and get as far forward as you like.

bike stem mm mountain 50

The stem difference is only a few centimetres after all and the shorter stem and wide bars help to make the long nose more stable in all situations, not just descending.

Everything is a compromise but short stems are a good long distance bike trails on a lot of bikes and for a lot of riding. Simply putting a short stem on a bike will not necessarily make it handle better. What you want is a frame that is long enough that a short 50 mm ish stem is the proper fit for you. People often think a long stem mm or more, let's them climb better which is only true because of the position the lond cockpit puts you in.

You aren't weighting the front, but putting your weight in front of the back wheel. Short stems allow the rider to put more weight on the front tire when cornering because you aren't putting the weight too far forward continental winter tires review you feel like your 50 mm mountain bike stem over the bars.

Long bikes and short stems work better in all situations. The bikes we rode 15 years ago with road style 50 mm mountain bike stem were stupid. Replacing a long stem with a short one on a bike that fits well in terms of saddle- bar distance won't be optimal. Well 50 mm mountain bike stem is very interesting Having raced BMX for years, I can tell you that geometry, bar length, stem length etc is critical in setting up the bike to your body geometry.

Every 5mm makes a big difference in the handling of the bike.

stem bike 50 mountain mm

My BMX race sweet spot is 48mm stem with mm bars, but this is a result of calculating the Rider Area and matching it to my body size. In a bought a Giant Reign 1 M which has a 70mm stem, first thing I did was fit a 50mm stem.

But the bike handled like crap, front end bikke washing out at speed on corners, put the 70mm back on and it was perfect. I prefer the positive handling of the short 50 mm mountain bike stem, but could not get the bike to hold the line no matter where my body was.

So it came down the Top Tube and bike geometry 50 mm mountain bike stem not suitable for a short stem. hydration pack accessories

stem mountain 50 mm bike

The 50 mm mountain bike stem Reign has new geometry, TT is 25mm longer and it comes with a short stem. Problem solved, much better balance bike with the advantages of the short stem handling. So it all comes down to your mountian ability, frame geometry, trails ridden, preferred handling characteristics of the bike.

I think Mountaiin have set the new standard with the 'forward geometry' frames Members who have read this thread: All times are GMT The time 50 mm mountain bike stem is All rights reserved.

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Results 1 to 91 of 91 Thread: Join Date Sep Posts stem length: Join Date May Posts 12, Basically on any bike the position of your butt is determined by the location of the pedals Join Date Dec Posts Originally Posted by jeffscott You can't really know whether a shorter stem is going to make the wheel turn faster or slower, unless you have straight bars, cause if your bars sweep back more than your stem is long the whole situation reverses Not quite if the bars sweep back say mm and you have a 80 mm stem then your hands are 20 mm behind the pivot 50 mm mountain bike stem you increase the stem to mm then the hand are at the pivot so the bars are fastest If you then increase the stem to mm then the hands move the bars slower again So it can swing both ways.

Join Date Dec Posts Fair enough. Join Date Nov Posts 18, If longer rides don't murder your hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, neck or back, you're at least close enough with your stem length. The effect is more common on downhill bikes with very short stems, and more swept bars. Join Date Sep Posts Thanks for all the input guys.

Join Date Giant bike talon Posts 17 One thing you can try is to make a conscious effort panaracer smoke tires bend at the elbows Join Date 50 mm mountain bike stem Posts 4, Some good points made.

Round and round we go 13 flynbryan19 mtbr member Reputation: I'll check out the link. I lowered my stem by shuffling the spacers and it seems to feel better, but 50 mm mountain bike stem haven't got mtb wheel sets for an extended run yet. As for the ride time Its usually between hrs. Join Date Mar Posts Sorry to resurrect a dead thread like this, but I got here through a google search and thought I would add a personal experience when it comes to stems.

Join Date Nov Posts 18, Read up a bit on front-center distance before you blame the stem. Join Date Mar Posts Thanks. Join Date Mar Posts 4, Its tough to say. Join Date Jan Posts 8, the riding position and bike setup of professional 50 mm mountain bike stem is irrelevant to most recreational riders, especially "beginners.

Join Date Jul Posts Re: Sorry I must have missed it. But what has changed in the bike frame design since 11 months ago, that makes new comments in this thread irrelevant? Join Date Apr Posts 1, The simple set up for new riders: Wider bars will open your lungs up a little, you will breathe better,, Wider bars smack trees more often, you know, them crazy rodeo style get offs XD 23 morepower mtbr member Reputation: Join Date May Posts Old thread or not it is a good 50 mm mountain bike stem to keep alive Join Date May 18 mountain bike frame 11 I'm 6'4" so the vertical height of my Join Date Jun Posts Going from a longish stem mm to a short stem 50mm changed my life.

Heels down on those down hill drops, 27 Liquidxt mtbr member Reputation:

News:Mar 27, - Our round-up of the best mountain bike stems in both mm and to the control of your mountain bike, but which one should you choose? . Truvativ Descendant Stem mm Clamp, 50mm, Direct Mount, Black USE.

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