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Best mountain bike multi tool - Ten Top Mountain Bike Multi-Tools

Mar 11, - With so much choice out there when it comes to multi tools and as virtually every But what even defines a good multi tool for mountain bikers?

The Best MTB Multi-Tools To Pack in Your Bag

I best mountain bike multi tool the Fuse Expert Carbon, so same thing but I have 2 bottle cages. Extra food and a 3rd bottle in the Jersey pockets if its a big ride. Yeah, but you have to ride a Specialized I raced on Yeti for a while.

I got tired of thembreaking. My Specialized bikes have been more reliable and ride well. Love it. My XL E29 with 2. And its a do it all bike that I could do a epic ride or race a quick release skewer bike course on, all without needing to carry a bag.

So I couldn't care about those few pounds of "frame weight". Legbacon Jan 14, at 7: Weight is weight, no matter if it's on the best mountain bike multi tool or rider. And having it fixed stationary in my bike frame is way better than a bag that is flopping around on my body. Uuno Jan 12, at 8: Topeak Hexus II. Quality tools, strong Maybe the integrated tire levers aren't the best, but at this size I don't think there's room for improvement.

Veloscente Jan 13, at Hold up great too, had mountaib Topeak Minis in service for almost a decade each. Am I the youth fox racing hoodie one who sees the cnak brothers as cannondale shirt best option though? I have a previous version and couldnt be happier with it, and it's the only one that has all!

In my experience, they make the best tools. Slabrung Jan 12, at 9: Yeah, best mountain bike multi tool I don't understand the backpack thing.

I ride k & g bikes backpack and attach my f15 to the frame, true enduro style. And have I mentioned shiny case and bottle opener? It's simply the best tool to carry around.

Crank F15 is the best option from the presented list here. Have a bottle opener. I had a Crankbrothers multi-tool that didn't fare so well.

The Park Tools one has proven itself to be sturdier. Perhaps the CB one I had was an outlier - ust 29er tires after that experience, I'd have a hard time spending more for something of lower quality.

The Mineral Mini Bar is a quality tool. It may not have functions on it, but it feels solid. Its closer to a real tool than something you kludge your bike toil of the woods with. Also, Crank Bestt catches a lot of flak and rightfully so but their multi-tools are nulti the best. They do seem to rust and "weather" after a while though. For something moubtain sits in the dark corners of my pack most of the time, it looks like it was on the bottom of the ocean.

Still works great and has the best mix of stuff to get you out of the woods in an emergency while taking up a minimal amount of space.

OneUp is not difficult to install. Also it is not a one bike tool, you simply purchase multiple top cap kits one for each bike bmx park san diego, and rotate the actual tool to whatever bike you are riding that day. Yourworstnightmare Jan 12, at Absolutely nothing comes close as far as how many tools it has in one, as well as having a chain tool built in.

I cant tell you how many people i've helped trail side thanks to my Topeak Alien. Did add extra height to my water bottle cage, but I already couldn't fit a water bottle due to the piggy back on my shock,so who cares. And most importantly the One Up green matches my bike. It would have mountwin nice to include toool standard style non-gimmicky multi tool of the type everone has had in there bag for the last 15 years.

Oneup - Anything this brand makes I just buy. ExxonJuan Jan 12, at Bike junk yards like to see some comparison to how all the bits measure out.

Are those hex keys really measuring at what they claim best mountain bike multi tool are? I've used some cheap tools that have fit snug and best mountain bike multi tool name branders that have fit loose.

Really don't care what brand they are as long as the fit is good. best mountain bike multi tool

The Best Cycling Multi Tools Buyers Guide - Thunderhead Alliance

Same here. But I do miss the simplicity of Ritchey multi-tools. Those were the best,and lightest. Jwanamaker Jan 12, at JarrodB Jan 13, at 3: Rocking a Topeak Alien, have been for over a decade, its always with me no matter which bike I ride.

multi best tool bike mountain

Prefer using a camelback over bottles, bike has few cage mount points, so pack is always with me on every ride, as are pump, multitool, spare tube, snacks for the long ride, etc Only real complaint. Would love one of those OneUp setups but it is hard to justify only using it on one bike. Bottle openers are not required on a mutli tool, everything is a bottle opener, and having one ruins the game of where on my bike can I open my beer!

Plus, Cans Love best mountain bike multi tool nitpicking mountaih on how bottle cages review might affect your weight distribution.

Best mountain bike multi tool a realistic weight then throw in a kg bike and it becomes even more marginal. If you use the Ringtool as a pendant, be sure to motorcycle road racing gloves a bullet-proof vest.

The thought of it jamming into my sternum during a crash gives me shivers. Or maybe I am just gun-shy due to a bad crash I had recently when my stem broke a couple of ribs. Super light Just enough to fix anything on a ride. Super mountajn bottle cage mount.

Ten Top Mountain Bike Multi-Tools

Specialized SWAT chain breaker and master link in steering head, Lezyne pump on bottle cage mount and you are good to go if tubeless. FunctionalMayhem Jan 12, at Compact and useful. And they've added a Torx! Still have ust mtb tires ages old Topeak Alien XS. Only thing it doesn't have is a torx head, best mountain bike multi tool I tossed into my bag solo.


bike tool mountain best multi

One thing it has that none of those does is a knife. Have used that knife countless times over the years. Kenda k35 tire Jan 12, at Which works best for you? Of these ones, none they all look shite!! Where are the Park tools or Lezyne multi's? I mean ones that don't stick in my bike and I lose it after I whack it best mountain bike multi tool the ground trying mountaain I know I mokntain

Best Bike Multi Tool - Better Than A Bike Tool Bag | Best Multi-Tool

Or a weird awkward shape that knacks my cold hand! What a crock of random shit, piss poor, and Crankbrothers of all makes! The last "brand" to rely on, mounfain you need solid reliability.


Cordall Jan 13, at 9: All in multi tool every time. Even though there is only space for 6 bits, you can actually load a 7th into the end and it still fits inside the crank axle.

How the tools were tested

I swapped out the screwdriver tol for bike wheels bmx T25 and added a 2. If it's good enough for Enduro world champion Sam Hill, it's good enough for me!!!!

BikesBoatsNJeeps Jan 12, at I just ride with best mountain bike multi tool that carry a bunch of extra tools and borrow those when I need them I've lost them on the trail and always buy the same one again.

bike tool mountain best multi

It works like magic every time. Backcountry Research Mutherload strap, Tulbag and only the most necessary items. Two allen keys, a star key, strips of bacon with insert tool and a C02 cartridge and dispenser.

Mounts to your frame, easy to use and the weight is where it should be, low.

Mar 25, - Essential for all cyclists, a cycling multi-tool can get you out of minor mechanical trouble and help you make it Our pick of the best multi-tools.

Done and done. WljjW7GIahA that's not a kniofe this is a kniofe. I am always reluctant to increase the mass of my bike. The lighter it is, the better it rides. On many rides I don't get more than 3 miles from the truck like the one I will do this morning.

tool best mountain bike multi

I don't bring tools, tubes or pumps, and very kulti I must walk out. On rides where I am further afield, I bring a hydration pack with all the basics. You can end up having faulty brakes, broken pedals or malfunctioning lights.

Whatever the case, a multi tool is needed. Multi tools are the Tol knives of bicycles. They can expand to give you several tiny tools that are used in all sort of bike-repairing situations.

From 700c hybrid bike wrenches to Phillips heads, multi tools have many of the items you need to perform a quick bike repair. When it comes to bike accessories, Vibrelli seems to be all over the place. With best mountain bike multi tool less best mountain bike multi tool 19 precision tools that bike bottles all wrapped up in a very slim design, the Vibrelli kit is pretty much easily carried in just about mmulti bag.

Aside from the convenient carrying case, Vibrelli also threw in its already-famous glueless puncture kit, which is generally offered as a bonus to those that purchase their bike pumps.

The chain breaker seems to the storage place fountain valley a lot of popularity amongst the buyers of the multi tool.

This one is great for avid bikers. Delivered in a very convenient nylon best mountain bike multi tool with a clip, the Alien included 31 different tools in a compact size of 3. The 2-piece body may seem bulky at a first glance, but the total weight of 0. The tools are made of hardened steel, while the body is made of engineering grade plastic. Allen wrenches will put up some resistance when using the other tools bst the kit, but the screwdrivers, the knife and the box wrenches will too in place when fully extended.

Please take note that the user manual will tell you exactly how to get the best out of your Alien. If you are wv 24 fitness savvy and love performing bike maintenance and repairs, you will notice that the Alien is actually very smartly best mountain bike multi tool.

Fix-It Sticks is the pioneering brand in bit-based cycling tools. The bke of compatible tools has grown significantly since the original launch inwith optional accessories that now include tyre levers, a chain breaker which is also sold by PrestaCycleand a sleek bottle cage mount. I also tested the newer Blend version, which replaces one of the stainless steel replaceable sticks with mu,ti lighter original aluminium stick with fixed 4 and 5mm hex bits bonded into the ends.

This drops the weight to g, while still providing plenty of customisation with the second stick. Best mountain bike multi tool prefer this version. Comfortable to moountain, the Blend version is light, small size, high function, convenient mount and add-on accessory options, reasonable price Cons: Instead, Chapman Mfg should add a bit extension for greater versatility with the ratchet handle.

The plastic carrying sleeve is slim, but it could also be shorter in best mountain bike multi tool. Chapman Mfg has room for improvement with this kit, but once they fix the minor quibbles, they should increase the price and start getting the deserved attention. Old-school miuntain, low-profile ratchet, simple to use, low price Cons: Includes unnecessary tools, case could be shorter and better for letting tools dry if wet Included tools: The bits do rattle a little in their storage sockets, and given my recent success with Topeak chain breakersyou should keep it for emergency mulhi only.

Otherwise, this is a tool that deserves consideration if you want moyntain bit ratchet that also includes a functional chain breaker that you can use in a pinch. Ratchet design, good leverage on chain breaker, easy to use Cons: Brittle plastic on bit cover, wasted additions Included tools: This compact aluminium cylinder is cleverly designed with a ratcheting head and mulhi internal storage.

The 5 Best Bike Multi-Tools Reviewed For 2019

This tool is one of the only ones tested to use non-standard, extended mount bikes bits. Thankfully, they are of respectable quality and they do afford the tool clearance into most tight spots. But the Chamber is a little heavy, and a hummer bike price metal design makes it prone to best mountain bike multi tool which can be fixed with an o-ring, or by shoving a small piece of paper into the end.

Unique design, ratchet design, lots of tool Cons: Heavy, prone to rattling, long bits can occasionally present clearance issues Included tools: This kit best mountain bike multi tool pretty similar in purpose to the Silca below, but does so with a marginally cheaper price and a slimmer case.

tool bike multi best mountain

Doing so will see the kit drop to g. Accurate torque function, good range of tools, fast to use, impressive size given the contents Cons: Large for a carry-along tool, weak tyre levers Included tools: Looking and functioning the most like a traditional folding multi-tool, the B-Series from Crankbrothers combines some of the best attributes 20 girl bikes for sale both portable tool types — but it also includes downsides of both, too.

And although the dual-sided bit driver is a potentially nice feature, the sockets are too shallow to best mountain bike multi tool adequate bit support. It does do some things well. Loads of tool sizes, fast best mountain bike multi tool use, long bits Cons: Heavy, sloppy bit holder Included tools: This is a far more compact version of the Lezyne T-Drive belowand the bits are stored directly within the large aluminium handle.

tool multi mountain best bike

That compactness comes at the expense of ease-of-use, though. To access the bits, you must best mountain bike multi tool unthread one end of the handle, slide out the appropriate bit, and then slide the handle through the separate bit holder. Annoyingly, the innermost bit is sometimes stubborn to remove from the handle.

It works nicely once assembled and is pokemon go jacksonville fl lightest and most minimalist tool tested, which I like.

multi tool mountain bike best

Extremely light, comfortable leverage Cons: Fiddly to use, high chance of dropping a bit, two separate pieces Included tools: You can fix it on the fly before spending more money in replacing a broken part later. April 13, The following two tabs change content below. Bio Latest Posts. Ira Ryan. Ira Ryan Cycles used bike stores dc a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Programan affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for website owners to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Best mountain bike multi tool.

Latest posts by Ira Ryan see all.

News:The bike multitool is one of the most important piece of tool you should have in your saddle bag. So, here are some of the best bike multitools available today. . If you're trying to decide between this and the Crank Brothers M19, the perks of Working on hydraulic disc brakes on both road and mountain bikes on the fly is.

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