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Oct 20, - A saddle cover would probably help but I've never used one. . I'm a recent Brooks convert and have a B17 on my road bike. A great hack for.

Brooks B17 Select saddle review

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Sponsored Content Powered By Outbrain. Michael Calore 'Computer, Enhance': More gear. Tech in Two. My thinking on this is that if you have maximized the saddle surface that your body is in contact with and the saddle is properly installed, you should be ready to ride.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I was able to ride the whole miles with no padding. I have Brooks saddles on brooks b17 saddle cover my bikes. Because the leather and it Brooks b17 saddle cover leather! If you do buy a real Brooks, take it with you whenever you ckver your bike locked up on the street — they are too easy to steal. It supports only the sit-bones, is an inclined platform that keeps car washes in yuma az in a dynamic, balanced posture — and is great for hill-climbing.

b17 cover brooks saddle

It takes a bit of getting used to, but I would never go back. The stock saddle that came with my Jamis has served me very well, but the upholstery is literally falling apart.

cover saddle brooks b17

I started my search about a month ago and had some specific needs:. My bike is brown and orange brooks b17 saddle cover I really want to keep the motif.

My bike is used for commuting and is left locked up outside on b177 university campus. I visited about a dozen LBSs gum wall tires the only brown saddles to be found were big beach cruiser saddles, so, I began shopping online.

4 Brooks B-17 Saddle Alternatives

On first brooks b17 saddle cover to work 4 milesit was just fine. Hard, not very comfortable as with most Brooks saddles. I tilted the nose up a little bit as otherwise I would slide forward to the narrow section.

saddle brooks cover b17

Very soon after using the Swift, it was exposed to heavy rain and the raincover I put over it wasn't put wholly over the rear apparently, as the back of the saddle brooks b17 saddle cover quite wet. I didn't realize this until I noticed I could already see signs of shimano catalog the saddle had been used less than km. It was quite comfortable at that point. I don't know how long breaking in would otherwise take, perhaps I will test with another Swift at a later date.

At that point the saddle felt good when I set it up horizontally again. I do get what I saw on pictures on the web, i.

Brooks b17 saddle cover don't have brooks b17 saddle cover problem with it yet? What I notice is that it's very fiddly to get the bike adults properly set up so I don't brooks b17 saddle cover forward, not get trouble with my 'soft tissue' getting too much pressure. As this point of the endurance test of the Swift, I don't like the Swift as much as for example the B17 narrow which is just as narrow, which is much easier going and where I have none of the issues I have with the Swift.

Brooks Swift, broken in: All right, further experiences: The saddle got fairly wet bicycle tire sale a few times due to a leaky saddle cover, and I tensioned the saddle twice.

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There's some sag which tensioning won't really improve. I think if covwr saddle hadn't got wet so much this would not have happened, or perhaps it has just speeded up the process. The saddle has been used for about km and I'm still not sure if I like it or not. Well, the dislike I had on a few occasions, caused by how fiddly it was to adjust the saddle position to covet liking, has now gone as it doesn't appear that fiddly to setup any more.

This is possibly caused by the broooks saddle becomes slightly longer and slight sagging. In any event, the saddle seems to suit me better now A long time later, after much more testing, I find that I can never get it dialled in as I want it, so this saddle type just doesn't suit me. I will perhaps modify a Brooks b17 saddle cover in Imperial style at a later date to see how much that improves things.

Update Finally started tests of a laced Covr to improve on the sagging. Results so far: Shape is much better, dirt bike fender rack drooping is less and so the saddle aim isn't schrader valve tube critical, but the ride is very hard, harsh I'd say!

After a few more rides and more riding in position nearly as on a road bike, the saddle is quite good for schwinn cruiser tires a vrooks style, for which the sag in the front helps prevent too much pressure in the middle, and covsr shape in the rear is ok. But of course, the ride is not soft! I've ridden it for ca.

After much more use: Now make the holes, and lace it: On a bike, after having been used this way for a bit: And on these bike fixer near me it has been used a lot. The shape is kept well with the lacing: For those who can't do this themselves, I offer a modification service can be applied to a used or a new Swift, so it's possible to buy a new saddle with this modification.

I understand why some people can't get used to it, b1 why brooks b17 saddle cover people love it. It's a saddle that needs brooks b17 saddle cover brookks precise adjustment in saddle hrooks, saddle position nose slightly tilted up and also a saddle that will deform clearly to ones sit bones. This saddle is a 'love it or hate it' type of saddle as I heard a few times, and my experiences and the experience of brooks b17 saddle cover I asked confirm this.

It's not a saddle for me You may want to have a look at the B17 narrow or Team professional first Or modify with lacing! I mentioned possibly modifying btooks saddle as the Imperial, I never did that, and I recommended against it to some people brooks b17 saddle cover asked about it, because when I thought more about it at that time, there just doesn't seem to be enough leather left around a cutout if you were to make b117 cutout, so I am pretty sure with a cutout in the middle the saddle will stretch too much like the Selle Anatomica.

Also the leather in all the Swifts that I've encountered is fairly thin, 4. Another issue, with the Team pro in particular the leather is very hard to cut in all cases that I made cutouts, all of which seems to suggest that the leather Brooks selects for the Swifts is softer than esp.

The Conquest is the b1 as the Conqueror, but with large copper rivets. The Conqueror was probably discontinued in the early s mine is from The Conquest was introduced probably in In 'Fiets' Sept. It took about km to break in. Until then it was uncomfortable due to the very narrow profile despite its The reason is that it only gets wider very close to the widest part of the saddle.

I've seen others mention the same problem of early sagging with their saddle on various webpages If you can find this saddle, give it a miss and try a Team professional, B17 or even a B17 narrow preferably the Imperial brooks b17 saddle cover cutout.

You could use this saddle and lace it as I did with the Swift, that could at least counter the sagging. The saddle is, as road bike lightweight with Brooks, from very hard leather. So from the start it's quite a lot stiffer than the Selle Anatomica, mountain bike philippines price list the cutout brooks b17 saddle cover cove middle does give a fairly comfortable ride from the start, and one doesn't get the feeling of sliding off to one side as one can get with other smooth-top Brooks b17 saddle cover saddles.

Sitting asddle e. I presume the saddle's comfort will increase once it's broken in that's usually after ca. At this moment the Selle Anatomica is better comfort wise. But the Selle Anatomica is more of a 'hammock' broooks saddle, so that the Brooks is better for quicker riding and when you want more control of your bike e.

And comfort of the Brooks will limo bikes for sale certainly improve A new B17 Imperial just installed on the bike: First update: After about km the covdr increases quite a savdle.

The stiffness I previously felt near the sit bones brooks b17 saddle cover gone.

cover brooks b17 saddle

So perhaps it's already nearly broken in despite no visual signs. After about km it's getting near the comfort of brooks b17 saddle cover Selle Anatomica, but without any deformation of the leather top After ca. After km and 2 months very intensive use, aaddle brooks b17 saddle cover appears fully broken in. There is hardly any deformation of the top, and the laces really keep the saddle's shape you can feel the tension in the laces when you sit on the saddle.

It's not as comfortable broois the Selle Anatomica, and probably never will be, but it's very good. After more than km and having been soaked books times because of the defective saddle cover see at the bottom of this page after which I had to use the bike, the saddle is still fine, doesn't sag and there's almost cycle parts and accessories deformation.

The slot in the middle is a little less wide as the sides are a little curved now because of the lacing sdadle the weight on topbut the comfort is still fine. G17 km summer, fall, winter, heat, downpours, snow, this saddle has seen it all: Note that in the first 2 pictures of the Imperial mounted on the bike, the side view was photographed with the saddle rails tilted up a bit, so that bear that in mind when boroks them.

The answer brkoks I don't have more wear of my normal clothes nor of cycling clothes bmx shop phoenix the lacing and I don't feel the laces at all while riding. This is perhaps also due to the fact that the sides of the saddle are slightly bulging after a lot of use, i. I rate the Selle Anatomica's comfort higher, but durability and sustained high comfort of that saddle may be an issue as you can read in my review of that saddle, so my preference is for the Brooks Tricycle wheels replacement. After that, all the Imperials I've seen only came with black laces and brooks b17 saddle cover stock photo on the Brooks website was changed to one without the extra laces.

I read somewhere that someone from Brooks noticed almost no zaddle actually used those laces so I suppose that's why they were not included any hrooks.

However, from then all Imperials I brooks b17 saddle cover seen came with 3 extra laces again. Anyway, if you want you pacific cycle parts use any 75 brooks b17 saddle cover long full helmets from a shoe store.

Smooth ones brooks b17 saddle cover hard exterior are probably best w. This saddle is pretty good from the start, but there's noticeably more pressure in both the upright and road bike position.

I suggest using the B17 narrow Saddlr only for use on a road bike. In general the Imperial standard is almost always better even brooks b17 saddle cover your sit bones are very brookss together, because mine are very narrow too. The cutout in the middle makes that one can put the handlebar lower without bother, an effect I previously noticed with the Selle Anatomica usually, a saddle must be narrower the lower the handlebar is placed, to remain comfortable. This also happens with the normal B17 Imperial but there the effect is far smaller after the same amount of use, presumably because of brooks b17 saddle cover shape of the leather.

Here the cutout in the leather can be made the same shape as originally, unlike with the Selle Anatomica where you can't cut away enough: Saddle was used ca.

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Comparison with original cutout: After cocer that shape on the saddle and recutting the cutout with sharp hobby knife, X-acto or similar: Even with the narrow cutout it was quite good, but now it's better.

My view before using it: The Colt was introduced ca. From pictures it just looks ugly to me. I don't know how well the shape of the saddle works but I had mainly seen negative comments on the net, so all in all I was not really saddel in testing it also because it wasn't available any more.

Typical, just when I wrote that down it was reintroduced in Rock hard and very narrow, reminds me beach cruiser bike bell the Conqueror which was very uncomfortable until I had used it for km.

Well, the Saddke also feels very narrow, as if it gets between my sit bones. As my sit bone width is about the narrowest there is, this means everyone will probably feel this, i. I let it get pacific cycle child bike seat a few times in rain but it brooks b17 saddle cover rock hard! Letting it get wet in the rain resulted quite quickly in not just ripples in the leather but indents where the sit bones.

The leather on the sides where my brooks b17 saddle cover bones are has sunk brooks b17 saddle cover quite a bit as the indents are big. I have seen this with for example the Swallow, but in that case it was a Swallow with particularly soft leather which already showed signs of breaking in after 10km Brooks b17 saddle cover any event, with these indents, the leather in the middle forms a ridge which protrudes and annoys me while riding.

The saddle's shape hasn't changed since that soaking by the rain, and it's now been used ca.

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I think as with the Swift, the Colt is a saddle that simply doesn't suit me except with lacing, see further on. The saddle's shape as with the Swift seems to be such that a large indent and brooks b17 saddle cover protrusion of the middle section which can irritate, is more likely to occur than with other saddles.

b17 saddle cover brooks

For the Colt and the Swift I recommend making a long test ride of at least brooks b17 saddle cover km, with a broken-in saddle. If you have that option from a shop Colt mustard with Proofide applied: I've expanded this section from a page with pictures that I made for the manufacturer, to ask about the Selle Anatomica Titanico LD: This is how the saddle looked when I got it: And after 2 months of use: Contrary to what the name suggests, this saddle doesn't have 26 2.5 mtb tires titanium, but steel carriage.

The rails are very long and flexible: You can move the nose of the saddle up or down with reasonable force. Perhaps this helps in making the saddle as comfortable as it is. Initial observations and experiences: Comfortable both in upright and brooks b17 saddle cover bike position. This is remarkable as usually, a saddle needs to be less wide the lower the handle bar is placed.

This is probably because of the deformation brooks b17 saddle cover the saddle's top while cycling, that the cutout allows. After more than 2 months and more than km: The saddle I've been using from early December to end of Februarydeforms too much.

cover brooks b17 saddle

In particular I had to use the tension screw of the saddle a lot which also means the cutout at the front is almost gone, sdadle just a slit The rear part I actually brooks b17 saddle cover to cut 3 times because the leather was touching and even overlapping. Comfort is now a lot worse in the road bike position forearms on the handlebar in case of broks headwind or just cofer cycle quickly.

This is how the saddle looks after 2 months use Click on the thumbnail images to enlarge: Because maxxis minion dhf 2.5 work with leather, bike rental cleveland not manmade material, we see the saddles may change little bit different from one to next.

It is possible your slot shape has become slightly too narrow to give particular pressure relief brooks b17 saddle cover pelvic basin anatomic most likes. You could trim the slot shape wider with razor knife.

You should only use the tension adjustment to provide riding comfort. Some people think the saddle needs to look a certain waddle when they are not sitting on it and use the tension to make the appearance that seems correct. This is not the way to adjust tension. Once again, due to leather material, brooks b17 saddle cover small number of saddles will use up all tension travel prematurely.

We simply warrantee those saddles. So, Apparently my saddle is one of few btooks stretch too much. The manufacturer discount tire yuma this can happen due to variations in the leather, but is rare.

saddle brooks cover b17

Also, brooks b17 saddle cover cleveland bike norfolk ne email he said that some saddles use up most of the travel in the tension screw in the first km, then it stops.

That may be so, but what brooks b17 saddle cover is that my saddle has a slot that's just about disappeared and I won't cut the slot wider because that would mean loss of structural strength.

So it's impossible to get back the original slot and that is what gave me the comfort The saddle is still comfortable, but nowhere near as saddl as in the beginning.

getting brooks b17 wet

I will perhaps try a second saddle brooks b17 saddle cover my interest has mostly gone for various reasons, including the realisation below about the saddle's leather width near the nose.

Until I have done so and that is positive, I can't recommend the Selle Bicyle without reservations. Technical matter: The leather is only 2 x 2. By comparison, a Brooks Imperial has leather ca.

I've seen other reports from people whose Anatomica stretched too much, and there aren't many returns apparently, but will people who have such a stretched saddle just not report it or do many riders use them and their bike very little? One comment about stretching by someone who had no problems, was that only people riding the bikes a lot long tours have this problem.

Well, that's not a valid aaddle. What does it matter how much someone rides? In fact, these saddles only make sense if you ride a lot Perhaps there grooks more issues with stretching than you can find on the web and than the manufacturer knows, as people may not actually make a claim Unfortunately, there are not that many experiences of this saddle on the brioks, and all the long term experiences I have seen were about complaints brooks b17 saddle cover stretching.

Of course beooks has to keep in mind, that negative experiences will usually outnumber positive ones because of a psychological effect: If something works, brooks b17 saddle cover little reason to write brooks b17 saddle cover it.

If it doesn't work as they want it to, people will complain about it. So all in all it's very hard to give a proper assessment of the problem. That's why I base my conclusion on 2 points: The way my saddle deformed and brooks b17 saddle cover technical aspect of the brooks b17 saddle cover of leather on the sides 26 inch bmx bikes cheap the cutout.

Very comfortable, but may not remain that good for long. The saddle is also very long, giving a lot of flex in the steel carriage.

I'm not sure if making it shorter would remove a lot of the comfort, but one disadvantage of this long saddle is that on stepping off the bike, I regularly got my coat entangled with the saddle's nose. Almost never happened to me with any other saddle. Finally, the 27.5 fat bikes is very low, motorcycle parts catalog request my saddle's leather which sagged a bit, kept hitting the seatpost.

This Sakae FX post has fairly high clamp assembly, but still, this is the only saddle with which I ever experienced this as a problem. I also have this problem with the Lepper Voyager Click here brooks b17 saddle cover see how we deliver your bike. Order by 3pm any day including weekends.

The sporty Brooks B saddle is an excellent choice for touring, century rides, Does this saddle come with a cover that will protect it from the rain?Saddle Cover Material‎: ‎Leather.

Order by 3pm Friday for Saturday delivery. Order by broooks Saturday for Sunday delivery. To calculate the charges for your order simply add products to your basket and proceed through the checkout process, where you will need to enter your delivery details. Brooks b17 saddle cover website will present you with the relevant delivery options and the charges for your basket of goods.

Nov 3, - they almost always ask about my Brooks Saddle, especially the few-months-old B17 I have on my fixed-gear bike (my other city-bike came \[.

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News:Oct 20, - The thing to avoid is leaving the saddle out in the rain for hours or all night, . avoid the Brooks saddle cover, my Brooks got very wet one night  Missing: Choose.

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