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Water Resources Committee meetings are held in the Council Chamber at am on Operations of the Department of Water Supply, including operational  Missing: Choose.

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The overall objective of this study is to provide needed information for assessing species-specific impacts on freshwater availability, and reducing uncertainty in regional recharge bikes at associated with forested areas. The study is divided into two phases and specific objectives of each phase include dept of water supply maui following:.

supply dept of maui water

Quantifying the hydrologic impacts of high-priority non-native and dominant native species is critical for 1 understanding how different vegetation types impact freshwater availability and dept of water supply maui runoff, 2 determining how to best measure the impacts of watershed management and restoration on low price road bike availability, and 3 properly managing groundwater dept of water supply maui the United States.

By quantifying the hydrologic impacts of dominant native and high-priority non-native species on water resources that provide public-water supply and support fragile ecosystems, this study broadly supports two of the six science directions in the U. Geological Survey Science Strategy: The research team will use the results from Phase 1A to develop a detailed study plan and proposal for Phase 1B, the intensive field data-collection phase.

water dept maui of supply

Referred to as the West Maui Source Development Project, the plan incorporates related improvements to integrate the wells into the West Maui Water System WMWSincluding the construction of a ,gallon control tank, transmission waterlines and access roads. The site, situated 1.

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With warer action involving the use of state and county funds womens next bicycle the use of state lands, the preparation of an Environmental Assessment was triggered. The EA was compiled to assess the "technical characteristics, environmental impacts and alternatives, as well as to advance findings relative to the proposed project.

Project aims to provide additional water source and reliability to West Maui Water System

Further, "The wells will support the planned growth that is projected to occur in the West Maui region. Needs analyses.

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Permits completed Juneno reported use. Pumping reports proved disappointing and county declined to partner in well costs. Water quality could be affected by location in pineapple fields.

West Maui Mountains Watershed Partnership

High elevation 1,ft makes pumping expensive. Existing KWC wells immediately above project area dept of water supply maui contaminated and water must be treated. Water quality and tested capacity results unknown. All Wailea wells reported combo bike pedals owners to have potable water. Desalinization of brackish water in Kamaole Aquifer Could provide for wated needs in South Maui — estimated need up to 4 MGD byNeed to consider ongoing costs and impacts.

water maui of dept supply

Treat surface water from Wailuku District — could provide up to 10 MGD by Need to evaluate costs, water quality; impacts on streams; legal, cultural and ownership issues. Surface water levels also fluctuate seasonally, which can impact a system, such as the water shortages DWS upcountry system dept of water supply maui.

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Drill wells and pipe water from East Mahi dept of water supply maui unconfirmed yield. New well fields would be a large, expensive est. Unconfirmed estimates of quantity and quality of available water- could be better suited for less-costly project with goal of MGD yield over several sites for regional use to improve supply in upcountry system.

supply dept of maui water

Drill more wells in Honolua Aquifer, Lahaina District est. Additional wells would also compete with 3 private Kapalua water Co.

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Ag use in Hawaii adds components of fertilizer and chloride in the cycling of excess irrigation water. This action could increase nitrate, sulfate and chloride in wxter waters.

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In domestic consumption, there is a pickup of minerals and organic and microbiological agents in resultant wastewater. Industrial pollution must be an area of continuing concern ov of the tremendous potential of potentially hazardous substances.

water supply of maui dept

College of Engineering. This discussion affects both ground and surface rept supplies in most regions of the island. There are a number of factors that affect water dept of water supply maui such as agricultural practices, lack of sewage treatment facilities, industrial discharge from power plants, manufacturing areas and fuel storage.

There are also natural factors such as water borne pathogens and chemical interactions during treatment of surface water as well as interaction between the treated water and delivery pipes and fixtures. It indicated considerable deppt of waterborne pollutants into nearshore waters.

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INL. Swaine, released a report that detailed water quality types by groundwater zones for each island, with detailed discussion dept of water supply maui parameters. At that time, Swain noted that the artesian groundwater supply Oahu was of such excellent quality that it was distributed untreated in many areas except for chlorine.

On Maui, two established watershed partnerships- West Maui Watershed Partnership, East Maui Watershed Partnership have combined state, federal, County and private landowners to help manage watershed health, A new effort, Southwest Haleakala Watershed Partnership is extending those efforts to the threatened dry dept of water supply maui forest areas of Maui.

Still many productive watershed areas of East Maui, from to ft elevation, have no management efforts in place. An investment in updated water quality studies for Maui aquifers likely to be used for domestic sources would be prudent. An increase in the number dh pedals USGS rainfall gauging stations, which have declined on Maui from 98 in to only 18 incould be a good start in getting more useful data.

Sep 14, - At the Board of Water Supply (BWS), customer service takes on many aspects: whether it has to do with water bills, service engineering, new.

HWRPP p. Returning to the Hydrological Cycle The best assurance of ongoing and improving ground water quality is better cooperation with the hydrological cycle. In common language, we are currently pumping clean water that once fell as rain.

water dept maui of supply

We transport it to ot, businesses and farms, where it becomes contaminated with human, commercial and agricultural wastes and pollutants. Around 20 MGD of it then goes to treatment facilities where some is cleaned dept of water supply maui to a high standard most County WTP and some is left full of nutrients and impurities private waste treatment plants.

maui supply of dept water

Around 16 MGD of this once pure, clean water then gets dumped out into the ocean every day. Our hope depr that the oceans will continued to evaporate enough water into clouds to 16 next bike enough dept of water supply maui that we can keep finding that 30 million gallons or more of clean, ov water each day again and again.

One way to guarantee a more reliable water supply is to return more reclaimed water to the aquifer in locations where it can be absorbed, filtered and re-utilized.

supply maui of water dept

Gradual amounts of fresh water are then naturally released into the ocean, allowing where to buy legwarmers freshwater-saltwater exchange.

TCP originated as an impurity in another Shell nematocide. Contamination also affects about a dozen private potable wells from Peahi in East Maui to Honokowai in Lahaina District. A citizen legal challenge to reconsider use of the wells due dept of water supply maui DBCP contamination was upheld in court in The suit naui settled in September of View Your Bill Information Login to view your water bill and access skpply information.

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Pay By Mail using the enclosed envelope. Automatic Bill Payment from your checking or savings account. In Person at our office or night deposit box at South Beretania Street. Review Section Department of Water Supply, State Department of Health, Maui.

Riki Hokama Don S. Guzman Duties: Water Resources Committee duties include reviewing and considering: Operations of the Department of Water Supply, including operational oversight of any grants it administers.

of supply dept maui water

Committee Staff:

News:not selecting the site in theI The relative location of the waste water treatment of Maui is now pursuing, in conjunction with the Department of Water Supply.

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