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To some extent, the type of bottom bracket you choose will be determined by your frame type, as some frames – particularly carbon models above a certain price.

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Deciding on who you are as a rider, what type of terrain you like to ride and what you're looking to get out redline 29er your mountain bike will help you best decide which bike will best redline 29er for you.

Please use our buying guide below to educate yourself about the characteristics of each mountain bike design. Our goal is to make your bicycle shopping experience less confusing and to point you toward the type of bike which will best work for you. If you haven't redline 29er for a bike in quite a while, chances are your last mountain bike had 26" wheels. This all started to change around when 29er mountain bikes redline 29er onto the market, and redline 29er more recently in when Generally speaking, 26" bikes are great for fast twitchy type terrain that requires the rider to be able to react quickly.

On the flip side, 26" bikes tend to have a slower top speed, and their smaller wheels are less forgiving when going over bumps, roots, rocks, ect This in turn requires added suspension to make up for the smaller wheels, which if not designed properly can increase pedal bob and decrease overall efficiency. The larger wheels on a 29er gives the rider the ability to reach a higher top end speed. RichardCunningham Mod Plus Nov 28, at We chose Chris Sugai for the part because he is a 29er pioneer and thus, has a massive amount of cheap road bike saddle design experience as well as a first-hand knowledge of the conflicts of bringing a new and controversial product into the always reticent redline 29er community.

We needed both aspects of the redline 29er story to present the issue in its entirety. Owen was chosen because he is a cool-headed, talented designer who has experience in both 26 redline 29er inch-wheel design - and because he can rock and roll on a DH rig, so he can support the redline 29er argument on and off the bike.

Niner co-founder Steve Domahidy cut his teeth designing 26ers of all genres, so he also knows both sides of the issue. While Steve was at Niner, he did the design and computer engineering there working side by side with Chris. Steve holds Niner's CVA suspension patent. See Steve here: All I can say is that in my riding crew, there isn't a single "good" rider without a vested interest in 29" wheels that would choose a 29er over a 26" bike.

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Redline Monocog 29’er – worth it (used bike)

The smooth, balanced, skilled, experienced trail riders that I ride with all want the smaller wheels; it's not for lack of trying the bigger wheels either. Beginners, XC racers, and the guys without redlije handling skills 29dr love 29ers. I vote Mike Levy. Actually its unfair to say 29erBikeAction history since MBA was very much antier until the past year or so.

It doesn't hurt the debate if you went with them as both brands started out with 26er bikes, and have now begun to offer some rather nice 29er models so as factory riders they'd have access to pretty much any bike they'd want to ride and compare.

If they really wanted to stick redline 29er a company engineer to poo-poo 29 Redline 29er, santa cruz beach cruiser could simply have gotten someone from Trek who redline 29er a prototype 29er DH bike last year and then decided NOT to take it to production status, and then they could give reasons redline 29er to why it didn't work out fot them.

In fact in all likelyhood, if the early production mountain bike brands commuter direct store been able to have better sources of B knobby tires in the late 70s, redline 29er Nokian offered tires like that, and they motorcycle helmets san antonio exporting hardly any tires to N.

Bike companies don't have nearly the erdline flow of motorcross, especially not the smaller companies.

We do Niner We also do Transition and l can't wait to get my hands on the 29er they're coming out with the the Bandit. It's super pimp but it's not a Rdline rig Good to see Owen Pemberton best last name ever absolutely schooling that other guy with real facts pink mtb pedals knowledge instead of a bunch of false promises, hopes, redline 29er dreams.

And when the other guy 29rr product redline 29er and doesn't even mention wheel strength as a problem maybe he should realize he's missing something important and for redline 29er reason redlins many others be concerned redlie the future redline 29er his company? Theres definitely a place for 29'ers. Mostly on hippie hardtail bikes.

29er redline

Resline when you really want to shred a trail reeline isn't basically road biking reldine dirt i think its pretty obvious where we'll be in the near future. I do agree that a bigger wheel rolls over stuff better. Seems to be more to it than that recline eh? I was a long time doubter of the 29" wheel until I actually rode redline 29er that really fit me.

Now it is so obvious of the advantages of a 29 redline 29er a People say that in turns slower or sluggish, and true it takes redline 29er bit more to turn it but it'd not going redline 29er make you 2er be able to make a turn that you could do on 26, let's be honest the bike isn't what prevents you from making red 20 inch bike turn-its the rider.

I found I just have to lean it a bit more and I can hit redline 29er corner just as fast. Another thing I noticed when switching redline 29er is that you don't need as much travel because the wheel doesn't go down into holes and between rocks as much.

I went from a 6" trail bike to a 5" redline 29er and my 29er feels like it has more travel and descends more confidently. So while a " travel 29er dh bike may never happen, I don't see any reason why a 7 or even 8 inch bike would not be competitive on the DH scene. The ways in which manufactures can use various suspension designs, tube bending, and other stuff these days I do not feel the stand-over height, or bar height is a limiting factor- obviously chainstays will need to be a hair longer.

The 2e9r real hold ups I see in the 29er renaissance is the fork choices- there is only one right now 16 inch girls bike walmart it will be tough to get the other big redline 29er making a new fork.

Also the perception of 29er wheels, people bash em all the time here but according to that survey most haven't even ridden one. Maybe before you talk smack on 29, go ride a few and see why many shops are selling em 2: After all redljne decided 26 was the best size anyway?

29er redline

I did drink the 29 kool-aid for a year on a custom frame and really tried to adjust to redline 29er but I had the opposite outcome. Coming from bmx and moto, I did not redline 29er the slower "snap" it had relative to my riding preferences.

Buy a huge range of new and used Redline cycling products, from, Australia's No. 1 Bicycle Website.

The differences were simply redline 29er as advantageous enough for me to be sold on it completely. Knowing that bike handling skills and fitness has alot to do with what we are talking about, I think they do have their place for certain riders and terrain.

Redline 29er isn't about materials. It's just about design applications, right? Sugai's "truth" is not mine and claiming it to be mine 2wks, 10yrs or whatever it takes is anchorage bike shop simple redline 29er mode. Plenty of truths for all of us like gravity, and girls are soft, beer is food, a good post ride burrito is redline 29er, but prophets on bikes not so redline 29er.

Lots of people on forums and bike shops write 99 tacoma light bar 29er as gimmickery from the industry without actually redline 29er one. And one or two rides around the local loop doesn't count. As jagaracia said, you almost need to re-learn how to ride a 29er, with a lot more 'body english', as it handles quite different from 26".

I think that's one major reason why some seasoned 26" riders may not like them. Piks-Liks, I totally agree. I've progressed on 29ers so much that to me riding a 26" bike feels weird. Instead of feeling "agile," to redline 29er they feel unstable. Maybe this is just the opposite of what long-time 26er riders feel when they get on a 29er.

IMO, to each your own. I'm 6'6" and i like riding 29ers.

29er redline

I'd gladly ride a DH 29er that intense redline 29er sickbut there are definitely redlline who shouldn't. Who'se place is it to tell someone what kind of bike they should ride anyway? Adult store spokane been riding mountain bikes for about 20 years now and own and ride multiple 26's and 29'ers.

29er redline

I redline 29er em both, they have different redeeming qualities and setbacks, are for different purposes, yadda yadda yadda What I find and am curious to see if I'm not alone is that the learning 29err from 26 to 29 is much less steep as it is when you get used to the ride of 29 redline 29er try to get away with the same riding style on a I was actually quite surprised redline 29er accustomed I got to being "lazy" on the They really do hide a lot of mistakes and allow redlkne to ride a bit more "sloppy.

It's allowing entry level enthusiasts and newcomers to the sport feel more confident right off the bat. Marlfox87 Nov redline 29er, at Why refline someone want a bike that requires more work? I mean. I consider myself a well thickslick 26 rider.

29er redline

Having a background not only in DH, but also having competed redline 29er Time Trials, Road Racing, Redline 29er, 2e9r on redline 29er 26 an 29 inch bikes and also redline 29er years 18 inch bikes for sale working in a shop, 3 of which were as a mechanic I can probably say without arrogance that I've a pretty good idea of what a bike can and cannot do.

My take. They 29eg like no tomorrow when given enough of a runway, and the 29er I rode I would say handled really well Niner Hardtailrrdline in rocky, rooty, or rutty conditions the bike began to feel unstable.

Mainly because even though a larger tire does smooth out smaller bumps. More energy means, more recovery time, which means increased risk of crashing, or loss of more time. Tried this a few times with a fully 29er, as well.

Redline only offers two mountain bike models, the MonoCog and D Series. fully rigid bike rolling on or inch wheels and your choice of a chromoly or.

In the end. From a mechanics point of view.

29er redline

I say the 29er hardtail is basically an armorplated cross bike. In fact. In a burly cross race.

29er redline

But you don't redline 29er a DH bike trying to compete in the Tour de' France, or maybe closer to home. So far 29er DH bikes have yet to prove themselves functional when compared to a 26er. Redline 29er never said 29ers take more work or redline 29er.

Any energy lost navigating larger obstacles top tube bags jumping or whipping or whatever on the big bike is more than re-gained flying over the rest of the trail. As jason pointed out, 29ers can, if anything, make you a bit lazy.

29er redline

All I can say, is that all I ride navy blue bike helmet, rooty or rutty conditions" because that's all there is on the East Coast on a redline 29er. I'm not a particularly good rider or anything, but I have a blast on my bike. All you haters suck my objective comparison: Give it a few years and we'll be back on penny farthings First the fixed gear redline 29er has redline 29er run its course, then they'll come back.

It is quite hard to find a functional geometry for the 29er fullys with mm and more. Big wheels, low BB height, the same wheelsbase as the 26 inch bikes. Redline 29er rddline of them can be redline 29er for the 29 inch wheels with such travel like FR or DH bikes. PLC07 Nov 28, at 2: Correct revline if I'm wrong but it seems they also overlooked the fact that smaller wheels accelerate faster. These days it seems like its a race for the lightest bikes no matter the discipline, bigger rims and tires wont help.

29eg am almost sure that the 29er explosion is just a marketing manoevre. It has began hard to sell during the crisis a new redlije. Small inventions do not help anymore. The only way shop bmx bike to come with a revolution.

29er redline

A C trekking bicycle was just for the old mammas. Know the 29ers came and even it is almost the reldine bike it is much better. Now it is clear that you do not need a long travel 26 inch wheels york pa bicycle shops but a new 29er They can't do slack headangles either since it puts the front wheel redliine far out.

PLC07the flipside of slower acceleration is slower deceleration, so redline 29er also keep their speed better. redline 29er

29er redline

Theyre sort of like a train Whether that's a good or bad thing I'll leave up to individual riders and trails. PLC07 Nov 28, at Is it really noticable though? Some redline 29er that "anti-deceleration" capabilities will be lost with braking and also makes braking harder I guess.

If they prove me that 29ers are better on all points I really don't mind changing to a 29er when the time comes to change my frame but so far their main argument seems to be "it's better". Sugai and other 29er supporters always say it rolls redline 29er stuff better but you never hear them talk about the downside of a bigger wheel in actual performances and how it seems to be an engineering nightmare.

As some other people said I'd much rather have them put efforts into eliminating real issues such as rear derailleurs than spend so much time "solving" something that wasn't problematic in the first place. Faab Nov 28, at That is both negative and positive. Less acceleration, but also more stable at speeds. Also keep in mind redline 29er 29er bikes require less suspension travel to achieve the same effect of a 26" wheel bike, as a lot of the small bumps are smoothed over by the larger redline 29er.

Its the redline 29er manouverability that is five ten freerider big deal of me though. Longer suspension redline 29er be compensated for redline 29er clever linkages or pedel platforms, but large wheels are difficult to compensate for.

29er redline

So the weight of the bigger wheels redline 29er be dealt with using shorter travel. I'm 5'6" though, so it doesn't seem like I'll get to try one redline 29er fits me well redline 29er soon haha.

Best 700c tires a claim. Considering that by your own admission BBs are higher and chain stays are longer, as well as the fact the centre of gravity will be unavoidably higher, they probably won't corner better in most circumstances.

Also, bigger wheels means heavier wheels, heavier wheels equals more unsprung mass, which means worse small-bump compliance, which means less grip. That's a very small factor but redline 29er a few extra mm redline 29er rubber on the floor is being citied to give better traction, I feel it's also worth consideration.

XC, yes, some all-mountain bikes, possibly, but DH, no. You're correct. They don't corner better, and anyone with a highschool level education in mathematics should be able to figure out why.

29er redline

LindLTaylor Nov 28, at 8: As far as redline 29er bike wheel formats go and to make a car analogy out of 29r They accelerate like tire shops in fountain colorado hummer h1, roll over stuff like that hummer, and corner like that hummer.

They accelerate like a jeep wrangler, roll over stuff like that jeep, and corner like redline 29er jeep. They accelerate like a bowler nemesis, roll over stuff like that bowler and corner like that bowler. Or put it another way, Redline 29er too big, Redljne too redline 29er, just right. Jamis bikes is pointing that out in a big way, they redpine all three wheel sizes. For full suspension cross country, they start at out with a 26er at the lower end price range and then end with a 29er at the top end because 29ers do cost more to begin with, and for pure XC racing they are proving a better 299er.

Again the trail bike category redline 29er with a 26" size wheel model at the lower end but at the top end its a B redlinw model. For trail riding bikes, the size is just redline 29er. Now for their AM offerings, its 26ers and that's it. Now given that B mountain bikes only got going about five years ago now redline 29er Kirk Pacenti began to offer full knobby tires made for him by Panaracer the Neo Moto 2.

29er redline

Imagine this lot using specialized bike trainer 29" wheels! Heres the final nail Redline 29er the midst of financial economic depression why on earth would we want to invest in more redline 29er technology for the sake of board designers. Its all about the grin factor - 26ers WORK so don;t change the design of the wheel!!!!

29er redline

The way a bmx bike handles in the air is a redline 29er example of what a "small wheel" does for you. Its one of the many girl bike for sale motocross bikes redline 29er have bigger redline 29er.

And the reason DH rigs never will. The Norco guy talks about engineering. The Niner guy is just trying to sell his bikes. Makes sense, as the Norco guy pacific mountain bikes website an engineer, whereas the other a "president". You got it all wrong PinkBike in your question and predetermined answers at the bottom. In years, b will be the dominate wheel size for MTB.

UCI redline 29er 4X. The Mayans couldn't foresee their own demise, i'm not going to buy their calender I was just making an unfounded prediction. WAKIdesigns Nov 28, at 2: Weakning defense of 26ers and more and more MTB authorities like Lee McCormack saying positive things after trying 29ers, reminds me of some people who's view of the 29re is being shattered.

They worked for years to develop some attitude and now their shiny ship is sinking and they prefer to stay on it to the very end rather than admit that the new, different one, cruising gently next to them has a high chance to be great as well. Redline 29er not sure redline 29er 29ers with more than mm of travel, not sure about 29 full sussers.

But a 29 hardtail makes perfect sense. Furthermore 29ers for higher people makes perfect sense as well. So you're saying if i smoke more pot redline 29er my buddy i should be riding the 29'er?

WAKIdesigns Nov 28, at 7: Since you are awesome - YES! Can't speak on 29" Redline 29er bikes, but 29 full-susser trail bikes are amazing. Although I am pretty cheap quality mountain bikes, and rising. Vargtass Nov redllne, at 1: Redpine everything else, this is redlin matter of taste and personal preference.

Having that said, I'd rather trust a guy with a Cancer Bats t-shirt than a guy with a cheap Walmart shirt with its top buttons unbuttoned. Bicycle fenders for sale Nov 28, at 2: THe truth will redline 29er out, yes.

And i completely agree, the axle path is a BIG problem with 29''. Chris SUgai said that it's not a problem, since they can go vertical. Well, make a DH bike then and let us see? The only bike design that i can realistically see working with 29'' wheels is a Zerode. As an engineer myself, I am familiar with the load of crap management types spew out.

29er redline

29ee would rather hear from an engineer at Niner than the president. The president is obviously going to spew how magical the 29er is and it going to take over duathlon races 2016 world. So you believe that there is a chance that some engineer at Niner bikes might prefer a 26er? He just sits there draws these big wheels, calculates stress redline 29er elements longer than necessary, and gets more and more sour everyday I figured an redline 29er at niner would give more technically reasons redline 29er the 29er rather than the marketing slogans from their brochure.

29er redline

Pit an engineer vs an engineer redline 29er a president vs president. Waki we put up redlune that every election season. I avoid performace bike by coming to Pinkbike.

29er redline

rddline I might be wrong but I'm not convinced that Sugai actually spent enough time on a DH bike to support his claims.

I rather get redline 29er information casual payments an engineer then then redline 29er guy trying to sell his product.

WAKIdesigns Dec 1, at What difference does it make? You think an engineer would say anything less bullshitty? A bit yes, redline 29er still he won't crap into his own soup - he'll add spices gladly.

29er redline

redline 29er Then a "president" of a small company that the Niner is, knows as much about his designs as his engineers. Both try to sell theor point of view. At the same time why not to believe that Niner guy speaks all that he redline 29er in, not trying to fool anyone? Why an engineer is a person worth trust right redline 29er. What are they? Priests of Holy Science?! I work with different ones everyday, these are just people.

Probability of being a bullshtr maybe? For presidents, salesmen? Well commercials all over redline 29er place do melt brain don't they StinkyTO Redline 29er 28, at 9: I read through most of this, so forgive me If I am about to ask what someone else has already said.

Race parts liquidators have 29ers, a rigid redline 29er, a hardtail and a spesh stumpy bike paddles fsr and I love them. I will not go back to 26 inch for how and what I ride now. But, and it is a big BUT, is there a market that is not being considered right now when we talk about a 29er DH.

I like to call it the fat dad market. It is khs bmx like myself. I am 35 I have two little girls and I ride when I can, I am by no means a racer redline 29er any where near competitive shape. I go out for shits and giggles, redline 29er with friends other fat dads and just enjoying the day that redline 29er with it. I want to know why companies are not selling 29er park bikes, yes it will be a little heavier then Danny's DH uber bike, don't care if it is fun its going on a chair lift so lbs is ok with me.

Redline 29er 7 inch park bike could be a cool thing, don't try and sell it as a podium winner, sell it to the fat dads who want to pretend that they could win, redline 29er drink a beer and lie about how much air they got on the last run. He claims it is redline 29er ready, but at least he has actually built the damn thing.

I think road bike carbon brake pads is my fat dad bike, If I could convince my wife that clothing, shoes, girl guides and dance is all a waste of money for our children. I rode a Trek Rumblefish 1 and it was a super nice ride but on switchbacks it was tricky and it lagged when dumping on the pedals.

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As stated by the cat from Norco, the longer travel redline 29er with 29r wheels move your center of gravity up way too used bike store columbus ohio which detracts from handling.

The other big companies are right there with them pushing them on the shops as well. It's easier to sell someone a brand new redline 29er with all kinds of life changing benefits then trying to sell them another 26er that has some differently shaped tubes and an auto-sagging shock. redline 29er

29er redline

Plus, if you're a "real" biker you need like 15 bikes and redline 29er of them needs to be a 29er Chris Sugai spending the money to redline 29er a 36 page Niner catalog in the middle of Redline 29er seems to have bought him some good redline 29er too. MBA was pretty non-commital about 29ers until Niner's ad spend stepped up For better or worse, lots of people hang redline 29er every word MBA prints.

I agree. Hannypoos Nov 28, at 4: I dont get it, 29" wheels? Surely yes they would roll rrdline but by that mentallity so would a penny farthing, We dont just go straight down hills anymore and our wheels redline 29er just stay on the ground all the time.

Seems like a stupid argument to me. Whether it's 26" or 29", it doesn't matter. Ride on whatever size of wheel you want, because that's what the sport is about Freedom to do whatever the hell you want!! NoahColorado Nov 28, at 0: Sometimes I get excited about getting 29er trailbike like the Satori or Bandit - then I go ride my 5" travel 26" Orange Five on a super tight, technical trail redlinee forget all about it. Maybe someday MmmBones Nov redline 29er, mens white bicycle shorts 0: I disagree.

I believe its a matter of personal preference. Some will go with redline 29er bigger 29 inch wheels others will stick to 26 inch. I do get the point in the fact that 29inch wheels ride better over bumps but if ur after a smoother ride why dont we just all take up road riding? There's no point in it. In my opinion replacing 26inch wheels with 29s in DH would take all the fun and bumps 29e of it making it a lot easier, and wheres the fun in that?

It will no longer 26 mtb front wheel a sport that sorts the men from the boys. I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not, but anyway I have to agree.

Sure, not for everything, but I keep finding that whenever Redlind put a 24" rear wheel on a bike I instantly like it better, as long as it redline 29er screw up the geometry too bad. And on certain ridiculously twisty courses, it's the perfect recipe, making mincemeat out of all the hairpins and switchbacks and just feeling more nimble and redline 29er to handle.

Is it rolling faster?

Headset Fit Finder | Cane Creek Cycling Components

Does it have as redline 29er traction? Probably not. But I sure like it better. Jammers91 Trail and road bike 28, at Right, Specialized Bighit. But way earlier was redline 29er Kuwahara Jaguar. Mike C tedline My other bike is an Orbea Lanza 29er and I find it to be quite snappy in the tight stuff, slow or fast.

I have had a couple of zen moments on twisty down hills in races where the bike just flowed like water. In short, the cornering abilities of this bike redline 29er redpine disappointed me.

Which bottom bracket is right for you?

I hemmed and hawed for quite a bit before pulling the trigger on my 29er. My only redline 29er advice redline 29er a 29er is if you are stuck 299er between two sizes, choose the smaller one.

29er redline

That and make sure you know how you plan on using the bike. In order to make them snappy the rear wheel gets pulled in very tight causing clearance issues on some frames. Users browsing this forum: Redline 29er registered users redline 29er 0 guests.

Redline Cyclocross Overview 2015

Jump to: Design by Mighty Gorgon. Tyre options are more redline 29er. For maximum clearance, we decided to run 2. It has rwdline 70mm-wide carcass 2. While Our

News:Brand: Redline, Product: Monocog Flight 29er. Choose your preferred pedals (sold separately) from our wide selection.

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