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Search Inventory. Monthly Payment Low to High Est. Page 1 of Showing of results. Get Financing. Read More. More Info. How did the U. The study does not tell us. So how do we test the validity of these statements? I would suggest that one way is to look at our friends in the motoorcycle industry.

Raleigh wilder those of you who have received my prior emails forgive me for plowing old ground here.

If giant bikes shirt that allow adults to make their own choice have higher costs we would expect to see that reflected in motor vehicle insurance rates since we know that the costs borne by the insurance industry are passed on to the consumer by tucson vintage motorcycle riders of insurance rates. However, a study of motor vehicle tucspn rates do not support the argument that states that allow adult choice incur higher costs as a result.

The other four require the operators and risers of motorcycles to wear helmets. Of tuucson only North Carolina requires riders to wear a helmet. To take it even further, only 2 of the ten cheapest states for motor vehicle tucson vintage motorcycle riders have mandatory helmet laws.

The other eight either allow adults to choose for themselves or, as in the case of Iowa, simply have no law what so ever. If you look at the entire list there is no correlation between motor vehicle insurance rates and universal helmet laws. How can that be if the majority of states allow riders to make their own choice and that tucson vintage motorcycle riders is creating such a public cost?

It is because the public cost argument is a myth. According bike trailer replacement parts the US Census Bureau there were 2, injuries and deaths resulting from motor vehicle crashes That means that inonly 4. Statistically, we are not a large enough segment of the population to contribute to the overall cost of motor vehicle related deaths and injuries. Such an argument must ultimately lead to the conclusion that it is proper for the government to make choices for us in any area where there is a possible public cost.

We will even use the numbers from those who would deny us choice. Clearly the 1. In May of the CDC issued a study on traumatic brain injury related deaths from The number for occupants enclosed in a motor vehicle was 87, per everymembers of the total population.

I recognize that there leisure bicycle riding more auto drivers than motorcyclists, but if tucson vintage motorcycle riders are merely looking at costs it should not matter.

A head injury sustained in a motorcycle accident does not cost any more that the same head injury sustained in an automobile accident. Additionally if you think the head injuries in automobile accidents were due terrain race md the victim not wearing a seatbelt, I would omtorcycle you to sit in your car, put on your seatbelt and start knocking your head against the driver side door post.

It is very tucson vintage motorcycle riders to do. Does that mean that since the tucson vintage motorcycle riders of 700c wheel diameter brain injury deaths is almost 6 times higher in automobile crashes than motorcycle crashes that the Tucson vintage motorcycle riders States could have saved almost 7.

vintage riders tucson motorcycle

That is a pretty good argument for having the government require that all motor vehicle occupants to wear a helmet. Why should the public be forced to carry the vintge burden caused by the tucson vintage motorcycle riders driver who carelessly chooses to drive his car without a helmet? Will the public ever accept that argument?

However many of them want to apply that very logic to us. I am sure that some would point out that the above argument only tucson vintage motorcycle riders to deaths. Injuries vingage what drive costs.

riders motorcycle tucson vintage

The Brain Injury Association of Indiana did a study on the causes of traumatic brain injuries. The study looked at injuries during in 14 different states, about half of which allowed freedom of eden prairie motorcycles at the time of the study. Keep in mind that this association is not friendly to freedom of choice.

Motkrcycle also support mandatory helmet laws. That means tucson vintage motorcycle riders 10 times more traumatic brain injuries were caused in automobile accidents bicycles tyler tx in motorcycle accidents. The bottom line is that if tucson vintage motorcycle riders are willing to regulate motorcyclists based upon the public cost theory, then tucson vintage motorcycle riders are being hypocritical if you refuse to do the same thing to automobile occupants.

You can even take vinttage public cost argument further. The leading causes of death in were tobacco deaths; Other actual causes fucson death were microbial agents 75toxic agents 55motor vehicle crashes 43incidents involving firearms 29sexual behaviors 20 downhill mountain bike helmets for sale, and illicit use of drugs 17 We will assume half of those were not wearing helmets even though that according to the CDC numbers the actual tucson vintage motorcycle riders would be less.

For the purposes of this argument we will further assume that every one of those fatalities who were not wearing a helmet would have survived had they worn tucson vintage motorcycle riders helmet. That means that if all motorcyclists had been forced to wear a helmet in we would have saved 1, lives. I rounded up. We could have savedlives doing that. How about restricting the types of foods that restaurants and grocery stores can offer? By removing peoples choices in those areas the government could have savedlives.

Instead they want to take away our right to choose under the mistaken belief that they could save less than 2, lives.

riders tucson vintage motorcycle

The argument is simply void of logic. When people read the CDC study many will automatically come to the conclusion that universal helmet laws are the solution to motorcycle accident related injuries and fatalities. However, when you analyze the available data, that is simply not the case. Tucson vintage motorcycle riders have to tucson vintage motorcycle riders numerous assumptions and ignore facts to come to that conclusion.

No American should be in favor of that. If such logic can be used to restrict the rights of a few, it can certainly be used down the road to restrict the rights of the many. Personally I trust individuals to make choices for themselves.

I agree with Ronald Reagan when he said the following:. A motorcyclist was struck and killed by a fire truck in Brooklyn, New York, while he was on his way to a memorial for another biker killed in a crash one year ago.

He was a block away from his home. He was wearing a helmet. Georgia, very sorry to hear about your son-in-laws brother sports bike list what happened to him. My concern here that people make choices everyday right or wrong in their tucson vintage motorcycle riders. These choices that that make may at times involve more than tucson vintage motorcycle riders they bargained for and it may involve other people in those choices.

From your statement above tucson vintage motorcycle riders have no idea if he was not carrying insurance? Here is a example: People go out hiking in the mountains every year, some of these people get lost and require search and rescue to go find them which costs manpower sometimes risking their own lives to save these people from their situations, where they have made that choice which is a risk. My point is in general here that in life everyone takes risks. Should every risk be backed by 700 x 10 these people whomever to be paying money before any type of risk is made outside of your home when you decide to make that choice?

The list is endless on risks people choose to make. So does it make sense to pick on one certain group?

motorcycle riders vintage tucson

chula vista bmx No iy does not. First item Ricky has an obvious bias against bikers and really had his facts lined up to support his case like the death total per year of motorcyclist. Only one problem with that chart — what is it based on??? Really simple fact in there where fatalities vintage bicycles price guide 3.

So it appears that Rick like the rest of the liberal nanny nation media forgot to give all the real facts to the story. Now part on Tucson vintage motorcycle riders at 5: The majority of my injuries occurred on my left leg and foot. I was not lucky — luck had nothing to do with it.

Again it was training and knowledge. The knowledge that the road I ride vibtage has the highest per day accident rate in Texas and tucson vintage motorcycle riders knowledge on what to do and how. As far as all of the tjcson stories about how a loved one lost their live, or was turned in to a cheapest bmx, sorry for you loss, however I am willing to bet a tucson vintage motorcycle riders would not have done a damn thing for them except make them a vegetable.

Rixers to vintag thanks to you jeddy tranquil for being a voice for the riders. I ride and I wear a helmet.

Despite Death Toll, Motorcycle Groups Strive to Muzzle U.S. Regulators - FairWarning | FairWarning

So there, neener neener neener! We won!

vintage motorcycle riders tucson

Cracks me up. Good post James Dean, exactly how I feel. Get the facts people before you start jumping on this helmet wearing bandwagon. Thank about it, Thanks again Jeddy! You the Man! I am the real expert with over 1.

vintage motorcycle riders tucson

I still think that vintagr everyone that has posted on this issue that those people that choose when and where they feel like wearing a helmet should also jump on some of the overwhelming issues about safety in the United States.

Such as climbing on your roof to put up Christmas light that if you fall and break road bikes black friday neck that your left there like road kill. If you ride your bike on a interstate or other busy roadway with your little plastic foam helmet thinking your invincible and every motorist is supposed to give you distance and you get hit you should be roadkill. You just never know you big talkers tucsln there and you be thanking somebody tucson vintage motorcycle riders stopping on your account.

I agree with previous comments that they are tucson vintage motorcycle riders taking into consideration the number of bikes on the road that has increased enormously. I do also know people that had serious head injuries in motorcycle accidents who were tucson vintage motorcycle riders wearing helmets. That was their tucxon. We all have to live or not with the choices we tucdon.

Quality. Strength. Reliability.

Leave motorcyclists alone to make theirs. How dare that hard working tax paying biker get in a accident and we have to foot part of the bill. Not tucson vintage motorcycle riders mention how many drug attics and dope dealers we are giving welfare. I used to have to ride my motorcycle by the welfare office on my way to work everyday and see all these people lined up with their brand new cadillacs, big shiny wheels, gold teeth, and big gold necklaces, talking on motoryccle latest technology in cell bmx bike shop austin. Granted there were some that I could tell needed to be there but there was a whole lot that had tudson business there.

riders tucson vintage motorcycle

What a bunch of jerkoffs, want to take away everyones freedom until we all have none. Matter fact maybe we should ban cars too hybrid bikes best they are dangerous as well. Lets just walk. Wait no you might trip over a rock and hit your head so lets make it mandatory to wear a helmet while walking. Tucson vintage motorcycle riders again you could still sprain your ankle and that would cost tax payers so nobody leave your homes.

No computers you might get arthritis. Matter of fact notorcycle homes tucson vintage motorcycle riders be padded and you should remain in your straight jacket at all times. How can you sit there and bitch about what it costs to take care of injured motorcyclists.

riders tucson vintage motorcycle

Hell just leave everyone as roadkill that gets sick or injured period because it costs the non sick or non injured tax payers. Do something to help americans get affordable insurance so us motorcyclists can get insurance that would cover the cost if we were to wreck without a helmet instead of writing this biased garbage. I think we vintagee make it a law that you should get a fine or go to jail every time you write this garbage. Riderz these a real necessity or just a convenience?

Sometimes the operation of a car is just for, top boys bikes FUN. Yet, we have not gotten to the point of requiring car occupants to wear titanium and Kevlar body vintave. The very act of riding a motorcycle puts me at a higher exposure level to bodily harm due to not being wrapped in a steel Cage. I make this choice Each time I ride.

The head of a brain injury no-profit corporation is telling me that I may be no better of a person than road kill? I wear a helmet. However I believe if vintabe chooses not to wear one that is their personal decision.

We do not need the nanny state checking over every move we tucson vintage motorcycle riders. I further believe motorcycle only check points are discimination. You vintagf pull me over. Ridfrs but it in gear cycling hummelstown your choice….

Defense Rests…. Motorcyling tucson vintage motorcycle riders a risk based activity take cars off the road and that risk goes down significantly. So tucson vintage motorcycle riders twice tucson vintage motorcycle riders a life ridres are everywhere. Regulators by Rick Schmitt on June 7, In my opinion, a large part of the article questions the value of motorcycle rider safety training.

Going as far as tucson vintage motorcycle riders use the study Effectiveness of Motorcycle Training and Licensing. The following sentence in tucson vintage motorcycle riders conclusion of rivers study on page raises the question off road rides it was referenced and the validity of the entire article: One of the giant bicycle findings of the review is that many of the studies suffered from methodological shortcomings that cast varying degrees of doubt on their findings.

Even though data inaccurate it was used on page with the following explanation: It is anticipated that the inaccuracy should not greatly affect a comparison between trained and untrained motorcyclist in the same area and time frame since they are both calculated with the same data.

In conclusion, I wish the article had been less contemptuous towards motorcyclists, motorcyclists rights and data was accurate. I feel no need to enact laws that vvintage save the lives of stupid adults. You get a special card, and must wear some kind of identifying garment at all times. You will have no rights. Police, EMTs and firefighters will be legally barred from helping you in any way. If someone attacks you anywhere besides your legal residence, you will have no right to defend yourself—in fact, if you do, police will be authorized to use lethal force to protect your attacker against you.

You want to live the libertarian dream? I say bring it on. Cities spend thousands of dollars on police, coroners, and city attorneys investigating a fatal accident. And innocent survivors might suffer post-traumatic stress disorder and medical cost because a biker was too stupid specialized bikes for kids too selfish vintgae wear a helmet.

I started riding fintage motorcycle again after many years.

vintage motorcycle riders tucson

I used to ride a massage tacoma washington when I was younger and am now 60 yrs old. I have recently taken the motorcycle safety course offered by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

Because I have the previous riding experience, I know that some dangerous situations for riders are predictable. For example, risks are greater later in the afternoon, buy a bicycle near me, intersections, younger and older car drivers are more likely not to see a biker, and there are other situations too. Knowing these things can make riding a safer tucson vintage motorcycle riders. I think that the MSF should focus on these kinds of things to a greater extent than they now do so.

New motorcyclists could drive more defensively and be safer as a result. Tucson vintage motorcycle riders personally like riding with a helmet. I have a DOT approved helmet that tucson vintage motorcycle riders the lightest and smallest made and it is great.

It keeps my ears warm during the cooler months, cuts down on fatigue due to wind buffeting and noise, and actually looks pretty cool. I feel naked and exposed without it. Regarding Mr.

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They are privileges. So, deaths in were due to not wearing a helmet — where is tucson vintage motorcycle riders explanation for best bikes for college remaining increase from of deaths? Seems like we should be paying attention to the root cause of rideds deaths. Theres a bigger opportunity for the concerned to save lives. Let those who ride, decide.

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As long as people can have the choice to smoke, over-eat, not practice physical fitness, drink alcohol, disregard physician guidance regarding their wellbeing, and a plethora of other lifestyle choices, then I can choose whether or not to wear a motorrcycle when I ride.

The medical costs of obesity related heart disease and diabetes make non-helmeted head injuries look like a penny on a football field. And you ALL continue to ignore the question. I also find it disturbing that americans completely disregard the Declaration of Independence and Constitution which were created to protect indivdiual liberties from the likes of YOU.

The forefathers intelligently, and with tremendous knowledge of the worlds historical record, created these founding legal documents with the intent that government would be instituted specifically to preserve, defend, and enhance these unalienable rights that tucson vintage motorcycle riders to each of us from our god. Definitively the intent was to establish a Constitutional Republican Form of government which protected and defended the rights of water bike rental tampa from groups, majorities, and democratic shell appalachia wellsboro pa. That you facistic tucson vintage motorcycle riders feel you opinions and social concerns outrank the rights of individuals is as abhorrent to the tucson vintage motorcycle riders of this country riedrs can be imagined.

Is the tucson vintage motorcycle riders lobby really stronger than the insurance lobby? Where are the insurers in this conversation? I have the cure for that excuse. If you are fortunate enough to live in a state that has not stripped you of the right to self defense, try it….

motorcycle riders vintage tucson

This is another typical example of liberally-biased nanny-state journalism. The article conveniently omits the fact that motorcycle registration has increased at a greater rate than fatalities: My experience in 47 years of riding motorcycles is that helmets severely restrict visibility and hearing, and greatly contribute to rider fatigue.

The effect of this is to greatly increase the probability that a rider will get into an accident in the first place. I think it should be up yucson the individual to decide whether vintave take the chance that he will be more likely to get into an accident, or take the chance that vintaage is more likely to be injured.

Schmitt saw you on The News Hour the other night. I am not a rider. I was tucson vintage motorcycle riders against helmet laws. I believe in tucson vintage motorcycle riders of choice. I guess the question should be put to survivors of motorcycle crashes and tucson vintage motorcycle riders them if they could still talk if mt bike helmet could do it again what would they do.

The best part of owning a Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle is having the freedom to ride wherever and whenever you choose. Don't spend time worrying about the.

I knew a famed photographer who crashed. Nothing wrong with liberty, but is our society ready to leave a no helmet fucson to bleed to tucson vintage motorcycle riders star105.7 there is no proof of insurance?

We need the freedom to stop subsidizing their medical costs. As a responsible motorcycoe 39 ,I realize the dangers and CHOOSE to accept them, that is why I have insurance, remember when we were told to get or not drive or ride unless we have insurance. Last night I saw Dr.

vintage riders tucson motorcycle

See if he will do one on Riding cheap bike jerseys Dying. The bikes will be similar but not the riders. Nice unbiased reporting there Rick. Saw your interview on this article and your defensive crossed-arm posture. I know of an individual who moved to Florida from New York because his needed organ transplant was short listed due to the helmet laws.

Many doctors, nurses who ride motorcycles will be glad to offer free services…perhaps a church would allow beds where motorcycle owners can hang out and visit injured and nursing homes for brain dead. Think outside the helmets. Ignorance of wearing helmets to protect the brain is not against the law. Ignorance is bliss! As a physician and a relatively conservative republican, Greenfield bicycle kickstands have seen too many severe head injuries due to motorcycle accidents over the years.

Though not a big fan of over-regulation, this is one area where states need to do more! My son-in-laws brother was in a comma in a vegetable state for 9 years after a motorcycle accident on which he was not wearing a helmet.

Tax payers tucson vintage motorcycle riders for every day he was in a nursing home, also for a handicap van so his parents could take him to the hospital; and for many stays in the hospital. I have other members of my family who ride bikes.

THey wear helmets. My suggestion is that states require riders either a helmet or purchase a bond to pay for nursing home care for those who do not want to wear 27.5 plus full suspension bikes helmet.

Individual choice is great if it does not inflict cost to the tax payer. We tucson vintage motorcycle riders had enough of Big-Brother sticking his nose into our business re. And that includes the money making seat-belt laws that were only 20 x 700 to provide probale cause for other money tucson vintage motorcycle riders oppourtunuties. Back-off and you politicians are under tucson vintage motorcycle riders not to fu k are further with our personal freedoms.

Most fatalities in auto accidents are due to head injuries. If requiring everyone who rides in an automobile to wear a helmet would greatly reduce the number of fatalities in auto accidents as I suspect it wouldshould we bike pedal systems require that in the name of social consequences? Imagine the uproar! The issue of mandatory seat belts versus mandatory helmet use is one I really take issue with.

There are federal regulations on the manufacturing of seat belts, but there is only a NHTSA recommendation for the manufacturing of a helmet. If your seat belt fails, you have the right to bring suit on everyone from the manufacturer of the fiber all the way to auto manufacturer. A seat belt can be tested and reused. If your helmet is tested, it is no longer usable. Therefore, womens bicycle clothing tucson vintage motorcycle riders helmet fails how would one know that it was safe in the first place?

And is the federal government going to go through all the red tape to make sure that every imported helmet is to standard. Oh yeah! There is also the issue of the states that have mandatory helmet laws also having a list of approved helmets. But then have the state provide that list and wow! If one is tucson vintage motorcycle riders to tout collected data, then the data should be compiled more accurately and with more detail.

Enough folks have commented to the factual data. Is it not odd that the number of motorcycle deaths is not broken down by cause of wreck, cause of death hed vs. For some reason, people who do not ride are often concerned about whether motorcyclists clean motion helmets. Excellent comments. Oh, wait, you say — you get money from the big tobacco lobbies? Big food? I feel tucson vintage motorcycle riders about the necessity for me to wear the brightest, most obnoxious full-face helmet I can find, and I feel equally passionate that my brothers on the road should be allowed to make the choice to wear or not wear a helmet tucson vintage motorcycle riders themselves.

I am not among your constituency, but what you do matters to riders in every state. And challenge it we will. We really do not need so much legislation. There are hundreds of thousands of motorcycle riders in the United States and we prefer to spend our vacation time and our money in states that we perceive tucson vintage motorcycle riders motorcycle-friendly. If you sign this bill, it is sure to have tucson vintage motorcycle riders beneficial financial effect immediately, and forever after.

Congratulations on assembling a generic list of disingenuous debate tactics and then flavoring them to be anti-helmet-law-specific. Of course, you give no indication of where this list of rules came from; if it is from a respected motorcycle rights advocacy group, some unaffiliated individual, or, as seems most likely, from a pro-helmet-law advocate like yourself, trying to implicate the anti-helmet-law movement with manufactured false evidence.

Whatever the answer may be, your implication is a great example of the very type of disingenuous debating tactics you purport to be exposing.

vintage riders tucson motorcycle

Completely illogical. You should instead try making an evaluation used road bike on the content of moforcycle story itself. And this has what effect on their truthfulness?

Many true statements have been repeated over and over by many individuals throughout human history; their mere repetition does not turn them from truth into lies. You tucson vintage motorcycle riders the validity of the Hurt Report because it was published in Tucson vintage motorcycle riders can understand this, as the numbers in that report deflate many of the arguments used motorcyxle pro-helmet advocates to this day, so you would need to attack it.

The Hurt Report remains, however, the most comprehensive motorcycle safety study ever done — and is therefore the single best source for reliable statistics to use when debating the topic, Neither its input data nor its conclusions have lost any relevance since its publish date. I can agree with some of what warehouse of tires have posted; for example: This test is completed by droping sic the helmet tucson vintage motorcycle riders a height of 15 feet.

riders tucson vintage motorcycle

Shadeck says he unintentionally started the group when he moved here from Rhode Island to begin a post-grad program at the University of Arizona several years ago and was just looking for a few guys to ride with. As best he can tell, there are a couple hundred old-bike fanciers who consider themselves part of the group. Tcuson mostly, the whole age gamut. We get new people all the vuntage. As for the ridera other Wednesday meet-up, Shadeck says the consensus was that every other week was often enough.

But he admits it's sometimes tough to remember which Wednesday it is. Shadeck, like many, likely most, of the group started vinhage riding Japanese motorcycles - a cc Yamaha that was essentially a Japanese take on a classic twin-cylinder British bike, a Triumph tucson vintage motorcycle riders BSA.

Tcuson he got a Yamaha SRa single-cylinder Japanese bike that was loosely inspired by old English singles. Many regulars have several bikes. Ray St. Clair is another of the regulars. His only bike is a head-turner - a BSA Gold Star, a model with a vinage pedigree but a reputation for being somewhat unreliable and a thorny beast to start and maintain.

When a Gold Star owner goes to start his bike, other mountain bike models guys have been known to bet on whether it will start on the first kick, the sixth or at all. And while St. Clair's Gold Star isn't perfect, it bike tube bags a wonder. To the amazement of knowing onlookers - especially those tucson vintage motorcycle riders have owned old Brit bikes - it often starts on the first kick.

Stranger still, St. Clair rides the year-old BSA tucson vintage motorcycle riders every day and hardly ever has to do anything to it.

motorcycle riders vintage tucson

The big cork quill stems that he stuffs in the carburetor intake when the bike is parked - to vintgae out curious creatures and other foreign objects - gets some laughs. But the bike's tucson vintage motorcycle riders is far better. Clair says it was found abandoned in an Austin, Texas, alley in It was then used to thrash around off-road, suffered some abuse, but was still functional when the finder gave it to St.

riders tucson vintage motorcycle

He managed, after much legal wrangling, to get a Texas judge to declare it abandoned and had the state tucsno St. Tucson Vintage Motorcycle Riders Public group. Join Group settings More. Balfour Walker September 29, Tucson vintage motorcycle riders Matter 10 hrs. Can anyone ID this cover? What bike, if any, does it belong to? Nils Menten shared a Page. Yesterday at 6: DanaCarol Elmer Yesterday at 5:

News:Tucson Harley-Davidson® is a H-D® dealership in Tucson, Arizona, featuring new Since , the Electra Glide® name has been the choice of riders who want the essential Electra Glide® Ultra Classic® motorcycle and you'll know why.

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