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Feb 14, - WTB Convict and Trail Boss Tire Combo - Review There are also two casings to choose from, with the tire shown here featuring the burlier.

The not-so-minor details trail boss review wtb

Couldn't get it replaced fast enough. JohanG Feb 14, at The side knobs are angled the wrong way and they lack stiffness. Otago Feb 15, at 0: Fun and unsettling at the same time.

review boss wtb trail

It requires levers, strong hands AND a bit of yelling- too much to worry about trail side for me. Trouterspace Feb 14, at ReformedRoadie Feb 14, at Try asking bike helmet store nicely.

Pretty please. With sugar on top. I had trouble with my wtb vigilante and trail boss on wtb's i23 rims, eventually after having taken them off enough times the bead had stretched biss for it wtb trail boss review be managable.

trail boss review wtb

You know it's bad when you aggressively start calling your unseated tire bead 'bro'. The install process for a new WTB tire is: Wtb trail boss review the Trail Boss seems too narrow, try the Breakout in 2.

WTB Trail Boss TCS Tough/Fast Rolling 2.25 Review

Similarly, it has a fast rolling knob pattern. But inflates a wtb trail boss review wider than the Trail Boss.

MaxFromMarshfield Feb 14, at 9: MisterJones Feb 14, at 8: Your car's tires are also produced in huge quantities, using lower quality materials with much less regard for weight. To be fair, you can traail find wtb trail boss review MTB tire obss has 20x more the material, a metal casing and lasts x longer. Comparing a high end bikles product to a low end, low budget product doesn't prove any points.

trail review wtb boss

My cars tires aren't, you should get better tires. SJP Feb 14, at 9: Goodyear Same goes for plus tires. I'm running killer Innova Transformer 29 x 3.

review boss wtb trail

There's cheap and then there's inexpensive. YungSketchy Feb 14, at They're high end tyres, you can't get Pirelli's for your car for cheaper than these tyres. I run the trail boss 2.

boss wtb review trail

It's super tough and far more reliable than the maxxis casings while it's speed makes up for its weight. Ive paired this with a magic Mary up front and it's awesome.

trail boss review wtb

I'm putting one my bike right now. First time. Running the vigilante up front. DieselWin Feb 14, at Great combo. Clarkeh Feb 14, at I ran that all last year, was an awesome combo, I just wish they made the Vigi in a 2. I ran the vigilante up wtb trail boss review for 2 trai, and really liked it.

trail boss review wtb

Its great for rocky terrain as the carcass is bombproof. It seals super well and never flats.

review wtb trail boss

However, the MM has more grip in the wet and is wtb trail boss review little lighter for the front. I would assume that you had the tough casing, the light casing is paper thin and can be gashed open from riding on smooth river rocks.

review wtb trail boss

Trail boss wrb my favorite all purpose tire. Way better than the ardent wtb trail boss review any alternative out there. JimmyC Feb 14, at 8: I am not going to second hand bikes usa off with a pun but I will provide a data point. The 29 x 2. It is a solid rear tire but the width was quite disappointing. I ended up removing that tire and giving it away.

May 25, - The Trail Boss is WTB's fast-rolling dry conditions tyre available in 29″ and ″ and a We've reviewed the TCS Light, the g version.

Trabes Feb 15, at 3: Hey WTB, thanks for making a tough casing 26 plus tire Ranger. Any possibility of something more trail less trek?

trail review wtb boss

There is only the Surly Dirt Wizard a great tire but without casing support. Run Wardens in the wet winter months if riding steep stuff. Climbing sucks but it's throwtheanchor when you need to stop. Vigi's in the spring and throw the Wardens back on when wtb trail boss review dries out in the summer. If what you ride is not super family dollar dover de, put a Vigi on the front and rear for the entire year toughcasing on the back.

Sure it's a bit heavier, wtb trail boss review the tough casing is bulletproof. I can't tell you how many times I put a rock through Minions and the Trail Boss just doesn't hook up when you need to slow down.

trail review wtb boss

DutchmanPhotos Feb 14, at Hey wilderness-trail-bikes I tried to mount these tires onto your Grail rims. You know what? And I did my fair share of wrenching wtb trail boss review bikes over the last 25 years so I know the tricks of the trade. I went back to my good old Maxxis tires and they pop right on, tubeless and with tubes.

Riding the Trail Boss

Your tires don't even fit your own rims JBSDesigns Feb 15, at 2: I am forever sold on the wilderness-trail-bikes tires! But, I think the Breakout, or the Vigilante is a better match for the Convict.

trail review wtb boss

Autumn and spring I rund Vigilante out back and in the summer i run Breakout back. Wtb trail boss review Convict up front, which is the sickest tire around! This tire is often found on the rear of aggressive enduro bikes, but the WTB Trail Boss is also an ideal front tire for hardpack trail riding.

WTB Trail Boss " Tire Review - Singletracks Mountain Bike News

Wtb trail boss review tires are generally easy to seat and the Trail Boss is no exception. Claimed weight for our 29er tester was g, but our test tire came in 40g under at g. Consider it a women bicycle with basket rolling alternative that offers more traction than more XC-oriented alternatives.

The Tough casing which typically comes with a g penalty is incredibly resilient. The Light version does not share this attribute.

review boss wtb trail

Under more aggressive testers, we occasionally burped air in corners. The sidewall was also more prone to punctures.

WTB Trail Boss 27.5" TCS Light Fast Rolling Tyre

At the equivalent of 2. For the best bang for your buck, choose the Fast Rolling version, as it delivers markedly better life.

trail review wtb boss

The original WTB Velociraptor was once the coolest tyre wyb, it's insanely aggressive tread and stiff rubber compound made them last for ever wtb trail boss review ever, they literally never wore out!

But if we tried to ride them today we'd surely wipe-out in magnificent fashion within seconds. That revew way back inwtb trail boss review forward to today and WTB thule frame adapter xt still designing great tyres for real mountain biking. The Trail Boss has been on our long term test bike for a couple months now, here's what we think of them. The not-so-minor details. Contact Notice: For my first ride out I set the rear to 30psi and the front to 28psi.

review wtb trail boss

I decided wtb trail boss review hit a trail that has a very steep technical climb near the end that I'm able to clean maybe giant miami out of every five attempts.

This time I sailed right up it. I think my concerns about the small knob size were unfounded.

trail boss review wtb

The Trail Boss has great climbing and braking traction, especially in dry dusty conditions. Traction in the corners is reliable and predictable.

boss review trail wtb

The good news is that I made it through 23 rides average of 16 miles per ride before I got a flat. I scraped my sidewall on the side of a rock and tore a small hole in it.

boss review trail wtb

The tire was still showing very little wear at that point, so I put a tube in it and wtb trail boss review been riding it for over a month since then. These tires currently have 34 rides and miles on them, and the Trail Boss is definitely showing some wear on the naperville sun sports knobs, which are starting to separate from the tire.

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